Products should be used with care. Read the label or package insert before use.

EC fertiliser Solid mixture of micro-nutrients. Apart from the fertilizing properties, thanks to the properly selected components and the usage form, it makes it possible to reduce the population of snails in crop, vegetable and ornamental plant production as well as in lawns, gardens and garden lots
– 1kg – bucket, 10pcs. in an outer packaging


Liquids against dogs and cats




natural repellent against wild animals, a mixture that is a perfect combination of tried-and-tested repellents with natural mineral fertilisers, reduces damages caused by wild animals
– 2kg – PP/PE bottle, 6pcs. in a shrink-wrapped pack,
– 10kg – bucket, 60 pcs. on a pallet,
– 25kg – PP/PE bag


Aerosol against martens
license not required




Aerosol against pidgeons
license not required